Consent form

I give my consent for photographs and other materials to appear in the KalaCORE websites, social media and other platforms they might occur in. I indemnify the photographer and KalaCORE of any claims against them for use of these pictures.

I understand that the pictures and words will be used to give attention to KalaCORE’s work.


  1. That anonymity cannot be guaranteed. It is possible that somebody somewhere may identify me.
  2. Material is published worldwide and open to see by everybody for free.
  3. Images may be used in news stories in print or online versions by the photographer
  4. I also give consent for the material to be used in other publications that may approach KalaCORE so long as the following criteria are met:
    (a) The material will not be used in advertising or packaging.
    (b) The material will not be used out of context - for example, a picture will not be used to illustrate an article that is unrelated to the subject of the photograph.


Printable version

My real name will be used only if I select YES. Otherwise, my real name will not be used and will not be changed.