Emergency response in Chuil in South Sudan

Chuil, South Sudan, Mobile team. Credit: IMA
Monday, 21 May, 2018
How challenging operating environments and stock-outs of diagnostics were addressed using mobile teams.

There has been a country wide shortage of Rapid Diagnostic Tests in South Sudan due to supply chain issues and manufacturing problems. During their October/November 2017 visit, IMA's mobile team screened and admitted 23 patients in the 7 days using the last available rapid tests. In order to be able to continue screening patients for VL, the staff received on-site training on examination of patients, collection of samples for the Direct Agglutination Test (DAT) and basic VL diagnosis and management.

The DAT samples were sent to Juba for testing. DAT samples were analysed in Juba and results were communicated by telephone to Chuil after which first line treatment was initiated. The team also carried out health education activities in the church and in the health facility. A total of 485 people benefited from the BCC activities.