Establishment of Kala-azar Research Centre in the Gedarif state of Sudan

Tuesday, 8 May, 2018

More than 80% of VL cases in Sudan are reported from Gedarif state, which is surrounded by other endemic states and borders the highly endemic region of Ethiopia. Despite this, there has been an absence of VL research coming from this region, with the majority of VL scientists coming from Khartoum, Aljazeera and other Sudanese states. As a result, most of the research findings were not shared with the Gedaref health department and other decision makers.

 KalaCORE convinced the University of Gedaref (UoG) to establish a VL research centre which aims to achieve sustained research activities and provide evidence to help the MoH to control the disease. UoG was already home to many in-house VL experts who collectively possessed a deep understanding of the context. With technical support from KalaCORE, the Kala-azar Research Centre (KRC) was established and a collaboration agreement was made between UOG-KRC and the University of Gondar (Ethiopia) with help and facilitation from KalaCORE. The KRC conducted the KalaCORE M&E baseline survey, and the access to VL care study in collaboration with the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, published in 2018: Gadarif state of Sudan bordering with Ethiopia