Referral and treatment of VL patients in Sudan from South Sudanese refugee camps

Thursday, 15 June, 2017

There has been a considerable influx of refugees from South Sudan into Sudan, who are placed in camps in South Kordofan and White Nile State. As some areas of South Sudan is highly endemic for VL, in March 2015, a training was conducted by KalaCORE in 2 out of 6 clinics in White Nile camps to recognize clinically suspect VL and perform the rk39 rapid test for diagnosis.

In March 2016, a severely malnourished refugee who was diagnosed with VL was sent to Kosti hospital in White Nile State. There, the acting physician asked him to have a second diagnostic test via bone marrow aspirate microscopy, at his own cost. Being severely impoverished, he could not afford this and was sent back to the camp, now critically ill, where a second rapid test confirmed the VL diagnosis.

The camp doctor then called the Kala Azar Hotline. It was agreed that the patient would be sent to Khartoum and that KalaCORE would support the cost of patient transfer. Once there, he was immediately admitted to the Hospital of Tropical Medicine.