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Combining epidemiology with basic biology of sand flies, parasites, and hosts to inform leishmaniasis transmission dynamics and control

Review that sheds light into novel understanding of VL transmission and and implications for selecting VL control strategies.
30 Oct 2017
Academic paper

The circadian clock in immune cells controls the magnitude of Leishmania parasite infection

Novel line of research is Leishmaniasis revealing that time can play a large role in host-parasite dynamics and affect severity of Leishmania infections.

18 Sep 2017
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WHO Neglected tropical diseases e-learning course

A free course on post-kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL) is now accessible through the free online eLearning Platform of the World Health Organization (WHO). This course on PKDL is part of a new e-learning initiative devoted to sustainable control of neglected tropical diseases. 

7 Aug 2017
Training material
Health education, Training health workers

Macromolecular biosynthetic parameters and metabolic profile in different life stages of Leishmania braziliensis: Amastigotes as a functionally less active stage

New study suggesting Leishmania parasites are capable of entering a quiescent state for up to seven days or longer.

31 Jul 2017
Academic paper

Trend in cumulative cases and mortality rate among visceral leishmaniasis patients in Eastern Sudan: a 14-year registry, 2002–2015

A retrospective descriptive study with data from a 14-year study period (2002–2015) investigating the cumulative number of cases, case fatality rate, and trend in incidence and mortality rate of visceral leishmaniasis (VL) in Eastern Sudan.

24 Jul 2017
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Improving surveillance

Transmission Dynamics of Visceral Leishmaniasis in the Indian Subcontinent – A Systematic Literature Review

Systematic review aiming at uncovering the role of asymptomatic Leishmania infection (ALI), PKDL and VL relapse in transmission in the Indian subcontinent, particulalry upon approaching VL elimination .

17 Jul 2017
Academic paper
India, Bangladesh, Nepal

The Post Kala-Azar Dermal Leishmaniasis Atlas (WHO, 2012)

A manual for health workers aiming to guide early recognition of PKDL.

26 Jun 2017
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Training health workers

Kala-azar Outbreak Management Guideline, NKEP June 2016

12 Jun 2017
Policy paper
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Cross-sectional surveys in Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia and Sudan (WL6 Oral presentation slides)

Oral presentation delivered at the 6th World Congress for Leishmaniasis 16-20 May 2017, Toledo, Spain. Title: Cross-sectional surveys in Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia and Sudan: Understanding treatment seeking and household economic burden for VL patients.

26 May 2017
Case management, Improving surveillance, Operational research
Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia, Sudan