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WHO bi-regional consultation on the status of Leishmaniasis control and surveillance in East Africa

Report following the East African regional meeting in Nairobi over June 2017. It reviews progress and challenges in leishmaniasis control activities and strategies n Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda during 2016 and sumamrises key actions for 2017 forwards.

9 Jul 2018
Policy paper

Ethical issues associated with vector-borne diseases, WHO report

A map of the ethical issues around vector-borne diseases (23-24 February 2017), including:

  • environmental and social determinants of health
  • ethics of vector control
  • aspects of ethics in surveillance and research
  • ethics of mass public health interventions
12 Mar 2018
Policy paper
Training health workers

Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of visceral leishmaniasis in South Sudan

A document produced by the Ministry of Health in South Sudan, with the support of WHO and UNICEF as well as other national and international partners. It contains the recommended algorithms for investigating suspected cases of VL, PKDL and possible VL relapse, as well as details on diagnostic procedures and associated forms the MoH requires to be completed.

4 Dec 2017
Policy paper
Training health workers, Case management
South Sudan

Kala-azar Outbreak Management Guideline, NKEP June 2016

12 Jun 2017
Policy paper

WHO Validation of Elimination

As some countries approach their elimination targets the WHO has produced a document outlining the criteria for the validation of elimination

3 Apr 2017
Policy paper
Case management
Bangladesh, India, Nepal

Accelerated Plan for Kala-azar Elimination 2017 India

The new roadmap for elimination of VL in India by the Directorate National Vector Control Disease Programme. Published in February 2017

1 Mar 2017
Policy paper